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Child Seat

Child Seat in Medford, MA Taxi Cab

Children are so small that they cannot fit into the car seats properly therefore they are required to be fastened to child seats properly to assure their safety. Child Seat in Medford MA Taxi Cab provides you with a safe ride not only for you but also your family members. Travel safely with your family and children. When traveling with children extra care is required for them. Get child seats reserved in advance at the time of booking for your child so that they are safe throughout the journey. We serve you with the best and make sure that you have the best protection for your child. More than 300 children are saved with the help of child seats in one year.


Most of the transportation services do not provide you with the child seats, so one has to carry with them the child seats. Save yourself from the trouble of bringing your own child seats with you. Child Seat in Medford MA Taxi Cab is providing you with child seats for children of age group. According to Massachusetts traffic law, it is illegal for children to ride without appropriate child seats. Children under the age of 8 should travel in child seats while riding the car or any road transportation and use car seats when they can properly fit in them.

Child seats come in different categories according to the age, weight and height of the children. Know what child seats are suitable for your kid.

  • Rear facing infant seat :- Infant children from the day they are born or below the age of one year should use rear facing infant seat. Until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their car safety seat manufacturer they should only be using rear facing infant seats. After that they can ride in rear facing convertible seats. Make sure to never place the rear facing child seat in the front seat of any vehicle when it has an active airbag at the front seat as it can lead to your child’s injury.
  • Forward facing toddler seat :- Children can comfortably ride in the forward facing toddler seat when they have exceeded the limit for rear facing infant seat. Until they have reached 2 years old and reach the maximum weight and height recommendations required for the car seat manufacturer they can then be transferred to Booster seats. Be careful when transferring your child to the forward facing seat. For the safety of your child you must keep your child in the rear facing seat for as long as possible.
  • Booster seat :- When a forward-facing car seat is also outgrown by the height and weight limit recommended for your child you can transfer your child to the Booster seat. A booster seat uses the seat belt of the vehicle across the child’s body to restrain them. Booster seats start for children from 4 years old with weight requirements of at least 40 pounds.


Child Seat in Medford MA Taxi Cab safeguard you and make all travel plans for you keeping in mind the safety of you and your child. We provide you with the best travel plans. Our little clients are more special to us, and we do our best to make sure they are safe and comfortable with our rides. It is our primary objective to assure your satisfaction with our Taxi Cab ride.